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The whole team has fallen apart. Two captured, three missing, and two hospitalized, no has any doubt they are going to lose this war. Broken and lost the team only has tears left to shed. They need Rainbow to stand up tall and take charge but she is broken the worst. Pinkie’s at death door and preparing to knock and General Corridor is knocking at the doors of the school with an army ready to break them the rest of the way. They need all the help they can get, help that is far from coming.

Who will win and who will fall? Separate they will lose but together they will bring the world to it knees!

Sequel to Wish

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Each person on Earth has a copy in Equestria. It's the same the other way around. That means there are six girls who, may or may not have met, are the perfect friends for each other. Brooke Bennett is your perfect, unordinary teen. She also has distinct rainbow hair and magenta eyes. When her life takes a terrible turn she does the worst thing someone could do! Use a magical mirror and switch places with her ponyself. Now a wingless pegasus and a head in the clouds human have to survive stuck as they are. That is until...

What could possibly go wrong?


Somehow my random brain will put this together into a appledash/humanized romance! Please enjoy!

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Hi! My name is Dark Blossom. Life is hard when you're different or in my case weird! My mom, Queen Chrysalis, says its fine to be different. I know she pity's me.

I was a accident a curse. I was born from a curse! I look like a pony. A normal old earth pony but I'm not, I can change into any living creature other than changelings or other ponies. I'm dying too, or how I like to call it, broken. That's the fun part!

Well, sometimes when you're desperate magic does its magic and you can be fixed. The only problem is that the only magic powerful enough to save me won't. I truly doubt the Elements of Harmony would want to save the only creature who could bring down their empire.

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Fluttershy receives a present mysteriously on the doorstep one night. She starts avoiding everyone. Stops talking, only glares. Her kindness leaves her. She looks different now, no longer Fluttershy but still Fluttershy. Voices come from her house. One day she's gone. Ponies check her cottage, anypony to go in doesn't come out.

More voices in her cottage. More ponies start to come out, their kindness is gone. But when one comes out with an object Ponyville falls into a trance. Kindness disappearing around ever corner. Fluttershy never comes out, not the old Fluttershy anyway. Not the real town's ponies. No, they all stay inside.

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This is similar to a body switch story but not exactly.

Firefly lives a almost normal life in Austin, Texas. Plenty of friends, creative, caring, kind, and crazy. Or as everybody calls her... Weird. She is happy. Her life is finally worth living and she's glad. She has love, drama, tears, laughter, everything she ever wanted out of it. Well not completely. She wants to be special. She wants to be special with powers and maybe to even have a sister.

Rainbow Dash lives in Vancover, Canada. She has her friends, her life is just fine. Its only fine though. She doesnt have a family so she lives now with her best friend. Next year she will live in a high school dorm. This isnt the life she wanted. That is until she sees herself on TV winning a best authors award. She comes up with a plan. This plan might change the course of the future and everybody in both Firefly and Rainbows lives.

Picture is of ponies but its humanized! Best I could find for the book.

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Sequel finally out: Wish Us Luck

Coys are a special ability certain people possess, like superpowers. The people who possess this ability are called coyable people. Nobody has the same coy(s), each one is different and special in its own way.

Separated by the government and hated by normals, people without coys, the coyable people are put in two categories good or bad coy. Good coyable people have helpful or happy coys, by government standards. Bad coyable people have destructive or evil coys by government standards.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack meet once. Believing they will never see each other again the share a special kiss. Having life or death secrets and a way-to-powerful-to-ignore love, Applejack and a few friends cross the boundaries to meet Rainbow once more.

Torn between love and regrets, the mane six and a few friends have to figure out a way to give true freedom to coyable people, once and for all! But they also have to save themselves and each other from being pulled apart and torn apart.

Love, secrets, and walls pulling them apart. Friendship might not be the answer, they might need a little more.

Crossover of "Milky Holmes"

If confused on what a coy is just watch the first episode. I probably didn't explain it very well. Plus this is just a mix of the two shows, romance, and trying to get somewhere in a story! Cover art is "borrowed" from SakuranoRuu on DeviantArt!

(Spike is in this story stop freaking out!(Scootaloo in this is Rainbows sister by the way))

Chapters (12)
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