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People are like liquids, flexible, quick and adaptive to what they're given. Most, are like water, others... well... others can be a bit dense... like mercury... Guess which I am?

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Prince Blueblood thinks about the Princesshood of Twilight Sparkle and what it means for him. How is Twilight so popular and why is he suddenly cast in her shadow? Is his reign at an end?

This is just a short one-shot, (hastily made while sick mind you,) about something that both the show and fandom have generally glossed over. Prince Blueblood hasn't been mentioned since Season One and basically was a one-off character. What ever happened to him and how is he dealing with the competition on the throne? Just some thoughts.

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Michael Schmidt is a new security officer at the Equestrian Eating Emporium, home of the famous animatronic ponies. Renowned across the city for family friendly vegetarian food, it's had overwhelming success. Michael just has to watch over the store, make sure that nothing goes wrong after dark. What's the worst that could happen?

It lives.

Crossover with Five Nights at Freddy's. This work of fiction will not strictly follow the story of the game. Things will break off quite heavily from what's expected, and I like to lie a lot, so nothing is really set in stone.
(Thanks to pshyzo on deviantArt for the previous cover image.)
(Thanks to brianxkaren on deviantArt for the current cover image. Note, it's still a work in progress.)
(Also, please give thanks to my dear friend, [or grammar mercenary, if you prefer,] JLB for assisting me in my pursuit for good Engrish! He is also the one that commissioned the new cover image, he's a generous person. I'd recommend checking out some of his work if you have a like of horror / grim things in general.)

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A human, dressed in villainous attire, get's stuck in Equus by mysterious means. Using his powers for a darker shade of grey, he successfully managed to fight against the superpower that was Equestria. After being captured however, he has had time to reflect on his previous actions and ponder on whether or not they were worth it in the end. Will he persuade himself that his actions were for the best, or will he sway to Celestia's side of thinking? Regardless, he's going to have an awful lot of thinking to get through.

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