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Zealous Shift

People are like liquids, flexible, quick and adaptive to what they're given. Most, are like water, others... well... others can be a bit dense... like mercury... Guess which I am?


Equestrian Eating Emporium Updates · 4:52pm Apr 19th, 2015

Greetings comrades, I have returned again to pronounce the word of-

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Your profile pic reminds me...


Oh look. A reichtangle. Looking like it's been bathing in the blood of its enemies, and conquering the world.

I guess i better go wake the EU up from his dream again...

(I love your avatar!)

2057409 No problem - I'll be keeping an eye out for your work.

Thank you for adding "Her Inner Demons" to your bookshelf :twilightsmile:

And a bigger "thank you" for the watch :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 381 - 385 of 385
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