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There's nothing I love more than a good story.

An artist that loves to read

I like writing, drawing, and listening to music. You can find me in the places I frequent under the same name as here. Deviantart, twitter, youtube, all those kinds of places.


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2400980 Well I suppose that well defeats my first argument. I'm personally starting to think any form of talent is either an early interest or a misconception of others on the amount of effort one puts into things once they've already achieved a sufficient level of skill. I'm often said to be quite talented myself by just about anyone who's seen my artwork in the past couple of years. But I know I didn't start out like that. I just kept practicing, even when I would be so upset at my lack of progress I'd practically break down over it, I'd just keep drawing because it was the only thing I had any hope in.

Art is and always has been important to who I am, so I keep doing it. It's not that I'm good at it, it's that I've learned to be good at it. So I always correct people when they say I'm talented, and when they say they couldn't do what I can do. It's a good stance to take on most of life I think, if you believe you can do anything you want to achieve, you're not really lying, you just have more or less work ahead of you.

A little advice depending on how far he's gone? Better that you branch out earlier if you can, that style is all well and good, and was what I started out with myself along with cartoons, but if your really want to express yourself, you'll do better putting some effort into drawing more realistically. It's not what most want to hear, but manga is real life stylized in a certain way. If you draw things they way they are, and are truly seen, then you can understand much better how manga works as I style.

I'm not talking about the normal way of seeing, I'm talking about the way artists see things. If he's been doing it for long enough, he probably already knows what I'm talking about. But it's good to hear these things from multiple sources, and it's important if you haven't. I used to fight and kick and scream against it. But it's not that much effort, and it makes you leagues better for little actual effort on the whole.

I think you're more than decent from what I've read so far, and I personally respect the written form of story telling quite a bit. I spend a significant amount of my time reading, and I like to write myself. There's another layer to it, a whole different way of thinking, but it's no more or less than what can be represented visually. I personally think it works better for longer and more wide reaching stories.

You can show the rising and falling of kingdoms, the small little pieces of relationships that carry everything you could ever want to know about a person, adventures that span beyond the galaxy, the kind that might just take place in a small town. All kinds of different comedy, from the simple to the almost obtuse. Sweet romances carrying away on the wind, the one that require fierce fighting and unheard loyalty. Of familial bonds that reach beyond blood.

You could write a story about just about anything. And every single person to come across your words will read it differently, and that center, the core of your story could be about anything you can imagine.

Then again, I'm not so much an artist as a story teller. That is where life is for me, that is what it's all about. If you can't tell someone a story when you put that pencil to paper, then it just doesn't grab me in the same way.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, I suppose you might agree with me that you can learn more about a person through something they've created themselves like that? I think I understand what you mean. One of the reasons I love to read stories so much is to find out about all the different perceptions people have, all the little tidbits of information and things I've never though about. All the new things that I can discover from someone else that I might never have thought about before simply because I'm not that sort of person myself. A brief insight into what makes someone else tick, to understand from a perspective not your own.

After all, it's not in the story itself, but they way you tell it right? Because when push comes to shove, everything is colored by your experiences and the things you've seen and done. Though I suppose your interpretations of their interpretations can be seen as the same depending on how you think about it.

Do you find yourself stilted in comparison when it comes to talking to people person to person in explaining the way you see things? I know that sometimes I feel like I could never put into words what I can say with a picture. Do you ever find yourself longing to write a story rather than communicate through the shorter smaller conversations?

But isn't it true that you can paint your own picture with words? Made with memories of those who read them? With the colors they can't quite see, the forms they can't quite pin down, he feelings they can't quite explain just right?

If you have respect for artist, then it would be remiss for me not to admit that I have respect for writers. It can be a much more difficult art in it's own way, and it can show things that a picture might never be able to achieve. At least not in the same way.

Sorry if I'm a bit wordy, and a bit domineering in conversation. I'm working on it, but it's so hard to hold back when I talk about this stuff. Hardly anyone wants to talk about this sort of stuff, and fewer still have a mindset I can respect quite as much as yours.

2400947 Oh, I would love to draw but I'm quite bad at it. I'm sure I could do well if I put in the practice but that's a time investment I'm just not willing to make. At this point I wish I'd taken up doodling in high school rather than taking notes, like some of my friends.

My brother's well on this way to becoming a good artist, at least in the manga style. He's still developing his skills and doing his own thing but once he's ready I'd really like to do some comic style projects with him. There are some stories I'd like to tell but they're the sort that just come through so much better through a visual medium than the written.

Fortunately, I've got plenty of stories I can tell with just words and I seem to be decent at doing so :twilightblush:

I really get what you mean by showing of your perceptions and expressing yourself to people. What I love about reading (and writing) is that the writer's entire world view and experience of life gets packed into the narrative, regardless of their intent to do so. Why is this character doing this specific thing in this specific way? Well, because that's the author's impression of human nature. A simple scene can express their entire life experience of how people have dealt with them. Why have inhuman events conspired to create this specific situation? Well, because that's how the author has experienced life. All of an authors deepest experiences and beliefs are packed into the narrative simply by the virtue of it having been written. I love diving into a story and experiencing what the author has lived through as expressed by the structure of his story.

That's why I like to write comedy. On top of wanting to share a laugh, and the challenge, I like to pack some of my more unique viewpoints of the world into my writing. They're hard to express to in plain English but I feel like I can get people to understand what I'm thinking about by building the thought into the world and characters they're reading about. In comedy people are more willing to accept the viewpoints I'm trying to get across and more willing to actually care about them. I guess that's why I write. I'm trying to communicate some of the ridiculous things I see in the world but people don't understand if you just tell them.

I must admit that I'm a bit jealous of artists. There's a whole web of meaning that you can access by using the right symbols. I'd love to tap into that and give the audience an impression with one image rather than writing a chapter to get the same idea across. I'm sure it takes just as long to make, or even longer, but I love the idea of communicating all that information in a flash, straight to the subconscious.

You're quite welcome, I don't dispense that sort of praise if I don't have a reason. Rest assured you've more than earned it.

It can certainly be a difficult medium to work with sometimes. For something almost entirely about communication it can be hard to express the right meaning even to yourself. I find it works a lot better when I know the person I'm drawing for, especially if they're someone important to me.

I might be having the worst kind of art block, but when a particularly special someone asks me to draw for them, the picture just seems to come to life for me. It doesn't quite work the same when I'm on my own or with others unless I'm particularly relaxed and unusually receptive.

I'd say that when push comes to shove, you're really just showing off you're own perceptions for someone else to judge for themselves. You're not so much giving someone else a message or showcasing an emotion so much as you're expressing the way you see something and allowing others to interpret it as they see fit.

It might be different for others, but that's how it is for me. My own artwork tends to be very raw and emotional, it works best when I'm feeling something and I need to get it out. For me, my best drawings tend to come out of nowhere, and I can't really make it happen.

Part of the beauty of it all I feel, is that you're not just telling, you're not just showing, you're expressing. There's nothing else quite like it for me.

I suppose it's all a bit subjective though, isn't it?

Have you had much experience with visual mediums, or are you focused more exclusively on the weaving of words? I must admit I do more than a little of both.

2399197 Thank you, that's high praise.

I think drawn art is the hardest place to capture that something, or at least that's where I see it the least. It's probably because, while a good artist can portray emotion in their art, an artist needs to evoke emotion in the viewer to capture that something. I bet that's probably very hard to do with just an image.

2397570 it certainly can be a useful skill to pick up.

I really wish there was a certain word for that certain something, but I know what you're talking about. I might not share my writing much if at all, but i can be quite the prolific artist at times. Capturing that certain something isn't unachievable by far, but i do find it rare, and certainly worth treasuring when you do find it or manage have it come out in your creations.

Loved the latest chapter by the way, few things can make me express such joy, but your story certainly has that je ne sais quoi that I look for in such stories. I see you've also created a way to expand considerably story wise, I'll look forward to what I hope will be an excellent follow through.

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