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"What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also." -Julius Caesar. My Patreon page

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After failing a math test, Anon returns home to her adoptive mother; Twilight, who attempts to teach Anon basic math. Unfortunately for her, math is harder than it appears.
Will Twilight learn a lesson?
Will Discord cause chaos?
Is Princess Celestia too fat?
Will Anon get the cake?
The answer is mostly yes.

My entry, and now the winner of the Anon Filly Contest
Featured on the day of its posting; 3/6/2020!

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After another adventurous trip into the Everfree, Silverstream dies. Due to an accounting error on her soul (damn near-miss debts) she goes to hell. Upon arriving, she realizes that she's never visited hell before, and there are so many new things to discover! Maybe dying won't be so bad.

A story inspired by Best Hell Ever. It also acts as an unoffical sequel spin-off.
My entry to the Young Six take FIMFiction contest.

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James is a human in Equestria, and it's time for his favorite holiday. The only problem is, nobody knows what Thanksgiving is, so it is up to him to save the day! Now, how does he make a fake turkey for ponies?

Warning: Contains randomness, wild goose chases, far too little coherence, and a plant based turkey that may or may not exist. You have been warned.

Chapters (4)

Elias Bright is a survivor. He has survived the end of the world. He has survived the deaths of his family. He has survived the death of all that he has built. On the run from a past that haunts him to his core, he finds himself in Equestria, a land of tranquility and peace. Elias now has a choice. Does he give up the only life he has known, that of a survivor, and settle with the ponies of Equestria, or will his past deeds come to drag him back into the dark past he has tried to bury?

Updates every Monday.

Chapters (49)

Despite what legends may say, the rise and fall of Nightmare Moon was not decided in a single evening, but over a long year of bitter war between the forces pony sisters. During this time, many stallions were recruited from their homes to fuel the war effort. While they were away, the most common form of communication between the soldiers and their families were letters, sent home only on rare occasions. As a result, mail day was one of the most important times to the home-bound ponies. This is the story of those silent few who manage the home-front.

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As he lays dying, a surgeon is given a choice. Remember the one's he loves, or start a new life with a clean slate.

Chapters (2)

Inspired by Aviators One Hearths warming eve, the story of friendship is shown between two complete strangers.

Chapters (2)
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