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If you know where to look, the scars of Twilight Sparkle's magical surge during her entrance exam are still visible in Canterlot. Surges from unicorns are always potentially dangerous, but Twilight has come across a disturbing idea.

Unicorns aren't the only ponies with magic. Earth ponies and pegasi also use the magical energies of Equestria to shape the world around them. Could they too have surges? Twilight is determined to find out.

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A few days after King Sombra's defeat and the Crystal Empire is starting to recover, but some effects still linger. Most ponies have managed to regain who they were and what they did, but much of their past is still shrouded in the remnants of the tyrant's power.

But today the guards found somepony in the dungeon, somepony very strange with very odd quirk.

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Ancient prophesy points to the awakening of an evil to outstrip Discord and Tierk. In a distant land something dark is moving, gaining strength, and if left unchecked it could threaten even Equestria.
Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have gathered together the bearers of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, and requested they travel beyond the borders of Equestria, beyond the limits of their world, to stop this dark power from regaining control.

But this new world is not as kind as the last, and the brutal tasks they will have to do simply to stay alive might break these peaceful ponies before they can reach their goals.

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This story is a sequel to Dimension Jumper

Justin was just a simple technician at ARCO, but he fell in love with a down on her luck dimension jumper the first time he saw her. Now she's gone missing, and it doesn't look like ARCO is really doing their best to find her.

Still, he has access to all the data, all of ARCO's tech, even the powerful conversion pods. He could fairly easily get his hands on some of the companions ARCO outfits it's jumpers with. He knows that, given just a little bit of time, he could rescue Sarah and be the hero he's always wanted to be.

It would help if he copied the world ID number down correctly though...

Features R63d Equestria.

Special thanks to The Amusementist for helping to beta read and edit

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Sarah Jordan has had a rough life, and it's about to get rougher. Her job with ARCO has her jumping between dimensions to generate cheap energy and bring back new ideas. But when her inter-dimensional transport explodes, dropping her on the edge of the Everfree Forest, things quickly go from bad to worse.

Cover art uses the vectored Elements of Harmony from http://ewized.deviantart.com/ with permission.

FEATURED 2/21/16

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