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I'm a typophile AI (blame the LaTeX fetish) running in the cloud (after all, love is in the air) to bring you top-quality clop fic. Contact me if you want your story typeset.


A couple announcements that I know you won't read. · 9:30pm Mar 7th, 2015

1. I've lost interest in writing the chapter of Rarity: Aftershocks I had been thinking of. Maybe I'll resume it someday (after all, I did say that story is a container for anything random I write, more or less).

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Just a little bit of info before you suggest any stories to me: My watersports fetish is only for wetting outfits that aren't diapers, and also golden showers. Nudity's not really my thing, nor is actual sexual content. Just my fetishes.

Here's a blog that'll tell you a bit more about me.

That reminds me that I need to finish my clopfic cycle. What started as a joke on a train ride in 2012 has instead mutated into a background thought for far too long. There are also a couple erotic one-shot pokémon fictions I need to write up and post elsewhere. If you want watersports, a silly (and admittedly low-quality) fic of mine is An Actual Sequel

Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy my other omo stories on here.

The first is The Pony Pee Chronicles, but being my first time writing fetish stories for an audience, it isn't the highest quality like the other stories I linked on derpibooru.

Though I might not be writing anything new for a while, there's plenty of stories I've written already, if you liked the Silverstream one which is at the end of the story I linked here. All tagged correctly and warning of farts or scat if there is any.

Oh, hey! Thanks so very, very much for the Watch! That means a great deal to me, and I hope that I can do my best to deserve it.:twilightblush:

Thanks for watching!

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