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This story is a sequel to Evil Belle

Sweetie Belle doesn't want much.
She just wants to rule the entire world.

She attempts to be the greatest supervillain to have ever lived. Instead, she turns out to be Ponyville's least threatening villain. But Ponyville is just one little stepping stone on her way to global domination.
Soon, the whole planet will bow before the might of Evil Belle!
That, or giggle at her antics. Either way, it's super evil and stuff.

Source to the artist!

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A grey pegasus moves in next door to a human family and everybody just continues with their lives as if this isn't one of the weirdest things ever. Derpy is insistent on living normally, although sometimes 'normal' is a very strange way to live.

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Princess Celestia entrusted Twilight with much more than the reformation of Discord.
She also entrusted Twilight to be careful with her search into the missing god of chaos.
Locked away for centuries, the Reality Cipher was something so dangerous that supposedly not even Discord himself dared to touch it again. Twilight, however, was very eager to discover the knowledge lurking within the ancient god's peculiar secrets.

Perhaps, a little too eager.
Once the unraveling begins, it's impossible to stop.

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noun: facsimile; plural noun: facsimiles
1. An exact copy or reproduction with near or perfect likeness to the original.

Twilight wasn't necessarily the social type of mare. Wanting to reproduce without such unpleasant side effects as 'pregnancy' or 'coltfriends', she instead creates a hoof-built android to serve as a duplicate foal. Said creation begins to learn from his surroundings.
Perhaps a bit too much.

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If he lost, the world reset.
If he won, the world reset.
If he died, the world reset.
If he lived, the world reset.

Now he's in a whole new world, and the mechanics of the old world might follow.

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What could possibly be more vile and villainous than Sweetie Belle?
Why, a hundred Sweetie Belles, of course!

Granted, getting them all to work together to take over Equestria might not have been the best idea.

Chapters (1)

Arin Hanson is an animator and plays video games with his friends. These have no ponies.
Pinkie Pie breaks into Arin's house, and provides him with significantly more ponies. It only gets weirder from there, really.

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No name. No body like any creature in Equestria. No language like any in Equestria. No idea whether a product of divine intervention or a cosmic reject.
No worries. He's only here for a short time.

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OR 'A Tentacle Porn Comedy, WithoutThe Porn'.

Fluttershy's quiet little home becomes a little bit fuller with the addition of a nookie-obsessed changeling and a demonically possessed alternate version of herself hellbent on universal domination.
Her house anything but 'quiet' anymore, that's for sure.

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Diamond Tiara has a sleepover with Silver Spoon and they pretend to be pirates.

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