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Nine Days Down continues to haunt me. · 6:38pm Mar 3rd, 2018

But in a good way. After much tinkering and fixing and general re-jiggering, it has been accepted to Equestria Daily! Huzzah! It should show up there...eventually. Within the next few days, or so I hear. In celebration, I published an extra chapter. It features the strange tale of how the world was born, who Gaia/Terra and Typhon are, and some details on the weird biology of the big Princesses. Hope you guys wanted some more exposition, 'cause that's what we've got.

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I totally missed it! For like, a year and a half! But this was awesome. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Eventually. Because I'm bad at social media of all kinds.

I read Birds and Bees, so I thought I'd check out your other stories and--


that was your first story?


I found your Bird and Bees story to be delightful.

I don't usually go in for sex-themed pony stories, but this one was both well thought-out and executed tastefully, with the kind of hilarious awkwardness that you would expect from this sort of situation. I liked your attention to details, and the little head-cannon bits that you added were both interesting conceptually and character appropriate (which in itself is nice to see in a piece of FanFiction).

It's exactly this kind of gem that makes taking the risk on an unfamiliar genre worthwhile. I hope that you'll keep experimenting with stories, and if you post any more of them here I will be interested to read them.

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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