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War is terrifying. When you've been at it for over ten million years, you tend to start to run out of resources. You also start to run out of ideas, and this can be particularly vexing if your people face annihilation if defeated. The warring factions of the Transformers, the Autobots and Decepticons, are locked in such a titanic death struggle.

The Decepticons rebuild one of their best spies into the likeness of a pony and send him to Equestria, a nation found on a planet during a top secret investigation. In an effort to study magic and quantify it, they hope to establish a valuable new energy source. However, their studies of the pony culture, though detailed, are barely comprehensive enough for their agent to fit in. Worse still, the spy must wrestle with the sensations of his never-before-used organic body, including the frequent and puzzling emotions that occur whenever ponies interact with him.

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