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"This is the end" looks all right, but I recently mistook it for
"The World's End", the upcoming finale to the "Three Flavour Cornetto Trilogy" (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead), with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. That one is going to be EPIC.

As for World War Z...
...I'm a huge fan of the book. In fact, if you read the full description for Last, you'll see it listed as a stylistic influence.
I think Max Brooks, the author, should have played himself in the movie. He's Mel Brooks' son, so I'm guessing he knows something about filmmaking. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be fine with Brad Pitt.

543328 he,he Umm, No, not RECENTLY. However, i am looking forward to "This is the end" and " World War Z" Brad Pitt in a ZOMBIE movie. Can you believe it?

As for the release date...
No promises, but I'd be surprised with myself if they weren't done by the end of the month.

So...see any good movies lately?


Three chapters, correct.
The reason I've emphasized the fact that there are three chapters in the making is that they actually combine to form a three-act mini-story that is very, very important for illustrating the point I'm making with "Last". That's also why I'm adamant on publishing them all at the same time: I want readers to read all three in one go. Otherwise they might come across as a pointless deviation from a foregone conclusion. I'll explain what that means to you after I've actually published the chapters.

As for the state of completion, I regret to tell you that none are wholly complete. The first one would be done, except I have to work out an ending that "reads good", and, if that weren't enough, it will feature illustrations that I have to make myself, and haven't gotten around to making.

Chapter Two has a skeleton written: A beginning, middle and end. Keats my editor has read it and says he likes it. I just need to put some meat on it's bones, so to speak. The plot of chapter two is intimately tied to the plot of Episode 11, "Swarm of the Century", so it takes some care to fit it into the timeline of that episode.

Chapter Three has at least one paragraph written. Keats said he had no idea what was going on (that's not exactly what he said).

Looking even further ahead, the chapter coming after the next three is titled, "Three months of Winter Coolness" (I had never intended on the dumb one-word chapter names like "Alone" and "Intersection", they just came out that way), which is meant to be a long chapter that's basically an anthology of events that happen over three month period completely undocumented by the show. Score!
For me, fan-fiction writing is a cycle: I figure out how a chapter goes, I write it out, I decide it's good enough to be seen, publish, decide it wasn't actually good enough to be seen, decide I've foolishly killed my own story, and fall into a well of despair for a week (or month), then ask myself, "how can I fix this in the chapter?", and start the cycle over again.
THIS is why chapters take so long.
I like to think this process creates a better-than-average-quality story.

That's about it. I hope I've answered your question.

Feel free to talk to me anytime. It keeps me motivated to write.

543084 Oh, So, my friend i hear rumors whispering in the wind and being muttered in the taverns. I hear....that you have 3 chapters in the works? are any done? are they all done? what is a general release date?

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