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Starswirl's journal contained more than just one unfinished masterpiece. A second spell found by Twilight, created in the time of Equestria's founding, has summoned new and incredibly dangerous beings to Equestria. Now Twilight and her friends must rely on four strange and unlikely heroes from another world to help them conquer this new threat.

Stranded in a foreign land and with no way back home, will the four succeed in ridding Equestria of this new threat or will these young heroes fall prey to the very darkness they seek to destroy? As answers are uncovered and the past comes to light, they find that some secrets are better left untold.

A crossover with the PSP Game Class of Heroes
Coverart is by the very talented Marik_Azemus! I could not have asked for a better cover!
Editing is done by JeffCVT and EnderBlaze
(Title is a rough translation for: The Darkness Within My Soul)
Contains gore, adult situations and language

Chapters (41)
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