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RIP Bronydude981


594139 Haha awesome I could give you a link but I'd mess that up somehow... soooooo go ahead and click my name and you'll see the group on my page where it says what groups I'm in. Be warned there's a lot of Rainbow Dash only because she's awesome and I joined all of them to add my story to them well good luck!

569996>>hmmm sounds interesting, I'll think it over...
Pshh! who thinks anymore? Im just gonna join!

Comment posted by Bronydude981 deleted Jul 8th, 2013

You just might be a Daft Punk fan doesn't matter. Cause it turns out there wasn't a group for them. A cool cat named Rotorix made a group for them you should join!
The Daft Punk Fan Group http://www.fimfiction.net/group/199115/daft-punk-fan-group

Haven't heard of them look them up :rainbowdetermined2:

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