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Common guy who likes to play games and write art. Born and bred in Mexico. Viva mexico!


Fall of Equestria · 11:59pm Mar 2nd, 2018


Sharing some of my culture. · 7:30am Nov 27th, 2015

While writing another chapter for a prince of true blue blood, i listen to some songs from my past. And suddenly, the idea of sharing this with all of you came to me. This song here is like... 40 years ago. My dad used to listen to this almost all the time (and I'm just 21!).
For all of those who have an ex-girlfriend after them, here you go.
By the talented Luis Miguel (Mexican dude, yeah!)

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A prince of true blue blood delayed. · 3:27pm Mar 26th, 2015

Hey guys, John in here.
Yes, I know I promised to update this story almost every week. And it has been almost three weeks since the last update.
I know it's not an excuse, but still... well, for all of you who study university will know what i mean.

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Concerning to the song of love. · 2:42pm Jan 29th, 2015

Hey Guys! RoyalUnicornJohn1994 here! You can call me John.
Alright, I know many of you guys are wondering what happened to the story.
Let me tell you: In the past, I started this story when I was 16 (four years ago), and in that time, my English was by far the most advanced between my classmates. (If you saw the first chapters in that time, then you'll know what I'm talking about.)

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