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M1dnight Rain

Let me ask you. Do you know the meaning of fear? Do you believe in ghosts?.

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Coming from the one with a cross dressing aero


You're welcome! I do look forward to it all.

Thank you for the favourite on Foal's Play. You're awesome! I hope you like the rest of the Wilyverse

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Some stuff too know.

Hello I am Midnight. I figured I should update this thing so here it is. Before we start I do write stories but they are not on Fim so.... Yeah now I am from Florida and I am quite gay but I don't always act it. My favorite ponies would have to be Fluttershy, Twilight, Luna, and Shining armour. I have many wonderful friends on here too and I RP a lot too. Not on here really but I do on G+ a lot.


A rather innocent question. · 6:27pm Oct 30th, 2016

Is it normal for someone to start misspelling words that were once easy? Like you go to spell a word but you put another. I guess an example would be if I were to spell "the" but instead I put "and" or if I were to put "a" but instead I used "I". Or like I've been doing and put "but" instead of "put"... Or misspell a word beyond recognition. 

I am just curious.:twilightsmile:

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The Children of the Night. The past of us.

"I still remember it like it was yesterday, though it was countless moons ago. After he was defeated, not much of our once beautiful home was left. And the two brave ones that stood up for us all ruled Equestria from then on. One day, the younger one, saddened by our daily struggles, proposed to form a new colony where all of us would grow strong and happy. But the elder one forbade it, for she felt that would divide and shatter the weakened kingdom forever. Nopony knows that we are still here, smiling beneath the moonlight while remembering our dear mother, for we will forever be...her Children of the Night."

Our lives were worth nothing, but became everything when Mother took us in. She cared for us, loved us, and promised wonderful things for us. Mother gave us many parting gifts when we were of age, but none more precious to us than our alicorns status. Those with wings were given horns, and those with horns were given wings. Our magic level was greatly increased, and our lives would stretch for as long as eternity. Immortality was both a gift and a punishment. We would live past our children's days, watch them suffer before they die, and hear their last dying breath. We would live through any suffering, any torture. We would survive the worst of wars. Although our magic level and lifespan increased, our wisdom did not. Six hundred years ago, we caused the most devastating and terrorizing war Equestria had ever seen. We conquered the major capitals, and killed millions. Despite the guilt that lounges within our hearts, we do not regret our decision to fight. We still live in the same colony that Mother granted us, but it has greatly increased in both size and population. We survive in unity with both Griffins and Sylvanocians (bat ponies), and our technology is beyond Equestria's finest. We are especially proud of our military and artillery. In recent years, many of us have become more accustomed to Equestria. Some, like I, found a job there. I work alongside a group of volunteers, managing the run-down orphanages of Canterlot. After all, I too came from an orphanage. My wings are always hidden beneath my faithful cloak, carefully concealed from Celestia. It would cause much panic amongst the ponies to discover an alicorns among them.

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