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Hey! I'm Sara. I'm just a normal girl who loves writing fanfics. Other than writing fanfics, I'm either working at my job, or doing YouTube. Check my channel, RandomGamerSara, anytime!

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This story is a sequel to The Right Gift Of Love

It's Hearts and Hooves Day in Ponyville once again! Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been dating for three years now, and Rainbow has been nervous about this anniversary. The two have seemed to grow apart now that she has been apart of the Wonderbolts and Applejack takes care of the farm. Will she be able to keep their relationship together? Or will it be a final goodbye?

AppleDash one-shot!
This is the sequel of Right Gift of Love. Feel free to read that before this!
Rated Teen for some swearing and girlxgirl themes (mainly just kissing).

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"Leave now, Twilight Sparkle! Leave and never return! For I do not want to see you ever again."

Twilight Sparkle was a new princess, learning all there was to be about being Royal. After a big mistake she did, Twilight gets banished from Canterlot and Ponyville. On her journey, could she find something more valuable than Royal Life?

This story (keyword) was written for the Exiled Twilight Contest. I never got to finish in time for the dead line. :)
Disclaimer: I do not own the cover image!!
Rated Teen for minor language and some gore.
Attention! This story is now up for grabs. If you wanna keep this story going, please PM me! More about this is in my blogs and account. Thank you!

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It's Hearts and Hooves Day and Rainbow Dash needs to find something to give a special cowpony friend that she's had feelings for for a while.

~First One-shot!!
~ I do not own the cover image! Please if you own this, tell me so I can credit you!

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Applejack gets into a freak accident while bucking apples. The doctors say she has 100 days to live. She, along with her friends, try to make their last days together perfect. Applejack has a lot she wants to do and tell a certain pony her feelings.

- I do not own the cover image! I cropped it a little, so it is different from when I got it from Google. Please, if you made this image, please tell me!

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Musa (my OC) is a regular girl in a regular town. One day she meets the one and only Rainbow Dash. They become friends instantly, but she finds new feelings are being created and growing stronger. She has trouble dealing with the feelings, though...and the one main question that comes to almost everybody's mind. How to tell her...

This is my first story, so constructive criticism is welcome!

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