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The Half-Witted Critic | #6: Gamer Edition   · 12:41pm Monday

Phoooew! Is that the sound the mouth makes when it's blowing air? Or is that more so the sound one makes when something smells terrible? There are people with the talent of rendering sounds into letters that then evoke those sounds. Like writing dialogue with a character who has a mouthful.

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Soul Sister | 19XX - 2021 | 10 JAN 21

Soul siblings until the end—and even after that.

You made me better.
~ Yr. Soul Brother, B

Welcome Gang

Call me B.

Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little to no friends and nothing in terms of self-respect, I came to this site to write about an out of character purple dragon. For whatever reason, I adopted an underscore as my middle name, and the number 25 as my last 'cuz it matches my IQ.

Please send me messages or join The Boys' Discord as I am lonely amongst this vast website.

~ White Lies ~

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B_25 #851 · Yesterday · · ·

No sweat.

Understandable. I’m sorry.

B_25 #849 · Monday · · 1 ·

For I don't. But your belief makes it so.

Also, a spreader of God should be less sarcastic.

Should you believe it.

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