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Fiddlesticks plans to end her weeknight like she usuallly does except all that goes to dust. Esspecially when she has a close encounter. Then ends up being in a completely different way of life now having to go through all of this new stuff. all she knew was this it was definatly going to be pretty dangerous for her for now on. Safe was now a relative term and ation would always be on her hooves.

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Trixie wants revenge, Chyrsalis does too. The mane 6 are in a hell of a lot of trouble with these two angry mares teamed up. But life has a funny way of working out especially when you get help from the most unlikely places.

Note: This takes place BEFORE season three. Trixie hasn't become good. (Sidenote there's been some difficulty with the flow of Chapter two so I'm putting it on hold once the plot holes and things have been taken care of i shall continue)

Thank you so Much Doctor Cobra For proofreading. Thanks for believing in me and getting me to try this out.

Chapters (1)
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