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Am I Abusing My Power? · 6:09am Jan 3rd, 2013

Yes, yes I am.
Now that that's out of the way, please check out the group I just created! If you like my stories and/or are interested in multiple ship fics, please join and help me get the word out so we can grow! It's a group about multi-pair ship fics, and I'm just trying to get it off the ground. There are probably no to little members at this point, but when we have like at least 10 or so, we'll get things rolling!

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Are you even still alive? I like cloud ten I want an update please:fluttershysad:

Is there ever going to be a new chapter of cloud 10? It was one of the first stories I read and I really want it to continue!:fluttercry:

Is cloud 10 dead

Please say no

'sup dude, I have just finished Cloud 9 (big back log on my read later list, sorry for the late arrival), and I'd just like to say it is pretty damn good.

Also, as to the difference between "shipping" and "clop", I understand it to be that "clop" is, well graphic, whereas "shipping" just shows the relation"ship" between characters. I think when/if you start to describe the more intimate portions of the relationship is when you stray in to "clop" territory. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I've read a few decent ones, but I don't go looking for them. Yeah, I'm gonna stop this rant and start on Cloud 10!!

Hey i just read both your stories and i was wondering if you were ever going to finish this off as its been a long time. i dont really like cliffhangers like that especially for a story i enjoyed that much :pinkiehappy:

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