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Ballad of the Brony: A Documentary on Bronies and Friendship is Magic. I think is fantastichttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=UE7I_IDX98g#!

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Once sheltered in her happy life and private schooling, Twilight Sparkle is tossed into a new town, a new school with new ponies. These are some of the things Twilight Sparkle must deal with after being forced to move in with her brother in Ponyville. Can she cope with the stress and can she make some friends? Or will the threat of socializing with her peers overwhelm the poor unicorn?

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Twilight has come to terms with her feelings towards Rainbow Dash, but with the chaos of planning and hosting yet another Iron Pony Competition, can Twilight find the words and time to tell her friend, or will the hype of the competition prevent her from finding the chance she needs?

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