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"...I have done many horrible deeds... but perhaps, there still a chance to atone for my mistakes...” ~ Black Star, former Captain of the Griffin Kingdom Air Force.

Decades before the Equestrian War began. The Principality of Belka, a griffon fascist nation located just south of the Griffin Kingdom and east of the Crystal Empire accepted the terms of surrender and merged it's government with the superpower the Griffin Empire to become the latter's industrial state. The Griffin Empire thought that the merging between the two nations will gain some benefit, unaware of the seeds of hatred were already being planted inside the newfound state...

Just 20 years before the Equestrian War, a massive catastrophe engulfed the planet as an asteroid broke up into ten thousand fragments and impacted the planet, causing severe loss of life and structures despite multiple asteroid counter-weapons had already been built. The disaster caused the Griffin Empire to collapse and become the smaller Griffin Kingdom, which it's relation with the neighboring superpower Equestria became more and more strained ever since the disaster.

Now, ten months after the Equestrian War, the griffon Black Star who seeks atonement or his past mistakes find himself caught in the crossfire between the rebellious state of Neue Gryphus and the still recovering Griffin Kingdom. The crossfire quickly escalated into a war and every dark secrets behind the war may plunge the entire Equine world into chaos. What's worse, an old threat from the past may hadn't made it's final move...

Will Black Star find atonement for his mistakes? Or die trying. (MLP: FiM universe merged with Strangereal)

Editor: Rethkir

This is a spin off of PolishValsion's Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles and I already had his approval to write this. Several characters from his fic will appear in the future.

His stories:
Ace Combat: The Equestrian War
Ace Combat: Wings of Unity

The character profiles of this story can be viewed here:
Ace Combat: Gryphon Wings Character Profiles

If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes, I apologize. English is my second language and I'm still not very good at it. (very)

The story takes place before the start of Season 3 of the MLP: FiM and it will focus more on the griffons rather than the ponies. The story takes several elements from Air Combat, Ace Combat 3, 04, Zero, 6, Northern Wings, and Infinity.

Just like PolishValsion's stories, there are music links on the chapters to provide a sense of atmosphere on the story. Just open up a new tab and listen while reading. This is purely optional of course.

Chapters (21)
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