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So... · 4:25pm Dec 1st, 2012

Genre ≠ Quality.

Good to know.

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Oh, that makes sense then. When I went to school, my foreign language was Spanish, but I don't really remember any of it. Also, thanks for following! :raritywink:

1351403 There's no shame in translating, not everyone can speak French. I just happen to be relatively good at it because I'm (part) French and I live in Canada, (where it's mandatory to learn it as a second language in schools,) so don't feel bad.
I will try to do my best, hopefully I can successfully convey horror adequately, or make it so bad it's good. Either way, I'll do you proud!
*salutes as the Canadian flag rises in the background*

>tfw I actually had to translate that
Anyway, yours is a pretty good story so far, and unlike the first crossover, it actually has something to do with the game. I'm liking it a lot, so keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Merci pour le favori, c'est fantastique!

2803well its not exactly the same but its very similar

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