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So as you can imagine writing all the time is well a bit boring, so our writer (KromatikPony) is gonna make a youtube account and start recording gameplay of him playing so random ps3 games. Warning it's totally ghetto recorded using a cam and a mic, not a capture card (at least not yet, until we get one and hook it up).

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Everyone's Guy for Incognito :rainbowwild:

425463 I swear to Luna if there is another stain :pinkiesick: on my coach I will personally give Trix a vasectomy.


425462 I'm not at a desk... I'm on your coach again. :rainbowlaugh: It's called a lap-top :ajbemused:


425458 Really now Brae? :ajsmug: Well I can't say that I would say no, about as good at saying no as you are, hmmmm? Though it's nice to see you at a desk instead of Trix's lap.


Look out folks, incoming Zom, Guy, Kromatik 3 way...


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Personal Beliefs and what not... I guess really just common shit that we're asked.

The answers are all true, though I wouldn't take this too seriously, it's suppose to be a bit funny.

Q: Are you a boy or a girl?
A: I am an active member of the male society. Lol, what.

Q: How old are you?
A: The age of my body is different than the age of my mind.... nah I'm just fucking with you. I would rather not share my actual date of birth over the internet, but I can legally drink and legally smoke pot where I live. So work with that.

Q: What color are you?
A: I don't see how this is relevant to anything at all, but I am caucasian. (White. I don't mean to sound condescending by defining caucasian or imply that you don't already know what it means, but really the first person that asked me this didn't so I thought I would go ahead and nip it in the bud)

Q: Where are these questions coming from?
A: A valid enough question, but you have to take in account that fimfiction was not the first place on the internet I have ever been. Past internet experiences contribute to them.

Q: How gay are you?
A: Idk, lemme go purchase a dick-like-o'meter and I will get right back to you. Unless you mean happy in which case the answer is very. But honestly what do you expect, I just got finished smoking a bowl of "Friendship"

Q: Can I have an apology for your unkind words?
A: Can I have an apology for your stupidity... in other words, no.

Q: What's your address?
A: Oh ya sure. My address is 666 you're stupid Ave N. Really though, I declined revealing my age to you, so you ask me what my address is. Lets use a bit of logic here.

Q: Your stupid, why don't you just die already?
A: Well thank you for your kind words. I do, however, feel the need to correct you a bit here. What you meant to say was You're stupid. Really the entire insult kind of collapsed there. If you're going to call somebody else stupid, please have the courtesy to apply the basic rules of language arts. As far as me dying is concerned, I guess I just don't feel like kicking the bucket just yet.

Q: What's your facebook name?
A: :flutterrage: I HATE FACEBOOK!!! Really though. Facebook is nothing more than a means to promote shit you don't really care about and piss you off to no end in the process. Add onto that the countless ban waves, as well as account locks for no apparent reason. Ugh.... to sum it up, no I don't have a facebook, and I don't intend on joining the facebook community unless I absolutely have to.

Q: Do you believe in god?
A: I'm not gonna provoke a debate. I don't have a religion, that's all there is to it.

Q: Boys or Girls?
A: I feel like this has come up already :rainbowderp: Really, why does asking me about my sexual interests come up so damn often... It's not like I'm gonna tell you that and somehow we're going to magically fall in love and you'll come to my house and we will gloriously spend a night fucking... I suppose to get it out of the way is best. I am bi, though I prefer boys quite a bit more. I would gladly spend a night with a girl, but a night would be all it is.

Q: What do you find in the people you hook up with?
A: Me.

Well, yup, that's about it. If I get asked more questions in my internet travels I will post them here as well as an answer. So ask away, expect sarcasm.

More Questions :pinkiehappy:

Q: Best Pony?
A: My favorite pony based on the personality traits as well as negative impact on the town I would have to say FlutterShy. Her personality overall is rather adorable and beyond that she has done no direct harm to any building in Ponyville. That being said I do acknowledge her involvement in the spread of parasprites, but shy bitches fuck up from time to time, cut her some slack.

Q: How do I feel about the local sports team?
A: Not fondly. Our basketball team got sold to who the fuck knows where, our football team sucks, and as far as baseball is concerned if I wanted to see a bunch of balls and long hard objects being carried and swung around by skinny white men I'd open my bedroom door.

Q: Do I think Braeburn is gay or straight?
A: I find the Braeburn craze to be rather interesting given that he expressed no interest one way or the other. I suppose his sexuality doesn't truly matter to me as I will never get to have a ride. It's really all about the perspective of the artist. I suppose if I involved Braeburn in the story I would have him be a colt cuddler simply out of wishful thinking.

Plans For the Future of "The Trotting Dead"

This is not necessary for any of you to read, more of just a checklist for the creators and admins to keep up with what has and what needs to be done.

Finish Act 1 of the story line
Begin work on mission based RP game based around the concept
Finish Act 2 of the story line
Finish the first Act of the RP
Finish Act 3 of the story line
Finish Act 2 of RP
Start working on/designing web comic
Finish Act 4 of the story line
Finish Act 3 of the RP
Finish Act 1 on web comic
Finish Act 5 of the story line
Finish Act 4 of RP
Finish Act 2 of web comic
Begin Search for animators
Finish Act 6 of story line
Finish Act 5 of RP
Finish Act 3 of web comic
Finish search for animator
Begin searching for a musician to do the score
Finish Act 7 of story line
Finish Act 6 of RP
Finish Act 4 of web comic
Begin progress on act 1 animated series
Finish Act 8 of story line
Finish Act 7 of RP
Finish Act 5 of web comic
Finish Act 1 of animated series
Finish Act 9 of story line
Finish Act 8 of RP
Finish Act 6 of web comic
Finish Act 2 of animated series
Finish the Final Act of story line
Finish Act 9 of RP
Finish Act 7 of web comic
Finish Act 3 of animated series
Finish Final Act of RP
Finish Act 8 of web comic
Finish Act 4 of animated series
Finish Act 9 of web comic
Finish Act 5 of animated series
Finish Final Act of web comic
Finish Act 6-final of animated series
Party like crazy and begin planning for whatever the fuck we do next. Follow up project or some shit, idk yet but we're gonna party.