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lived in Germany until i was 8, then moved to Russia until i was 17 where i was moved to Florida of the USA for these last few years. So sorry if Gramatically I not very good

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Upon receiving a new shipment of books, Spike learns that he is aging at a surprisingly slow rate, a rate so slow that by the time he would no longer be considered a young dragon, not only would all of the mane six be long gone, but so would their grandchildren... so in order to answer his long daunting question, he asks Rarity out...

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It's a concept I had thought about a while back:
"what if Spike isn't the type of dragon that's able to fly,
because he's a type of dragon that died off in years long past?
a type of dragon with incredible knowledge and magic."

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While working on a spell, Twilight accidentally causes spike to split into 6 different versions of himself

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A person wakes up in the Everfree Forest to find himself as a pony in the world of MLPFIM

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