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Wolf Shade is an earth pony stallion with an unwanted past. Raised in the Everfree forest Wolf Shade has become unknown to the world. That is until now when he rescues three 'crusading' fillies from harm. This story will lead through many feelings and tear jerking love for a princess and a first friend from the Everfree for Applejack. Let me know how I did and don't forget to tell me how shitty I am doing HA.

P.S All Editor credit goes to Parchment
Here is like to his page please follow him and friend him Thank you :rainbowkiss:

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This story is story is about an electric pokemon with no name, no home and no friends. This pokemon is a Luxray. Resting upon a hill on a cloudy day awaiting the rain he encounters a single god pokemon Arceus. While Arceus sat with the lonely Luxray he heard the electric pokemon state a wife for a new life. Hearing this wish Arceus granted this wish and sent him to a new world for a knew life. Upon his arrival the Luxray quickly gains through an act of chivalry a name, a home and is first owner.

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