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How can 200 characters represent me? This space is clearly not enough for everything that I want to tell you, so I won't even try.

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Cool profile picture!

1032055 Well, no argument here, but still bad grammar can spoil the whole fic. I, for once, can't bring myself to read some story with grammar mistakes. Even such "innocent" misspells like Apple Jack, or Applebloom drive me mad.

As about other parts.. You know, where I live, we have one (kinda) proverb - dullard is not the one who don't know how to write stories, but the one who writes and cannot hide it.

Anyways, I realize that I am talentless in writing, and in order to change it, I will have to write a lot for years and receive tons of criticism. I am not sure if I am up for it. It is the long road and I am not certain if it is worth it.

Also, I don't have much time for writing. Studying eats a lot of time, and there are still more than 6 years until I am finished with education.

So, I'd rather give a way to guys, who are more ambitious than me and who actually can write one sentence without making stupid mistake in the middle of it. :P

681952 Grammar is the easy part :rainbowwild:

680509 Thank you for the offer! No, really, it is very kind of you!
However I don't think that I would be able to create some fic that would be considered as "good" by others. I am just not self confident enough for writing. You see: I don't know English grammar and actually I am not experienced at all.
I haven't written any fiction in my whole life. Sadly.
But then again thank you very much!

You could make some content, to lure some more followers in. I could even give you a skeleton for a fanfic that you could write. I've got a bunch of brimming "idea" journals that need a way to find exposure.

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