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What most don't know is that my first title was,

Before the unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies came to what they called Equestria others were already there. Most already know of the Dragons, Zebras, Minotaurs and Buffalo. They weren't the only ones.

Snatched from my home world into this ancient time. I must bring harmony to a land that is far more tumultuous and chaotic than what the future may hold. But if things in this world are not as I thought, what does it mean if I actually encounter those who will come?

Author's Notes -
I actually created the basis for this story while helping contribute a character to the story Malideus. It's quite good and I'm glad the way he interacted with his readers by taking so many suggestions and then somehow fitting it into the story.

While there may be some correlation such as the main character's name is the same I've also changed one particular name of a character that was in the other story. See if you can spot it.

I'm not sure if I should make this part of the same multiverse as the Displaced group which was basically started and inspired by Malideus since I'll be posting this story to fanfiction.net as well. I'm sort of hoping to make it its own thing. While it does sort of hint at the same Displaced multiverse in the beginning it's more of a homage and tease than a promise. Hope you enjoy regardless.

The character tags are those who should be in the story should I keep at it and not slack off. It takes about 5-10 HOURS just to write one chapter, which doesn't include proofreading. And these aren't even very long.

P.S. I actually don't have an editor or proofreader at the moment so if you'd like to proofread chapters before they come out please PM me.

Chapters (4)

After having a strange dream on my flight to New Zealand I found myself an offer to go to Equestria. Little did I know it was serious and found myself in the magical land itself, though a little off course.

I guess my vacation turned out to be much more than I bargained for.

-A big thanks to The 11th Wonder for proofreading.

-Will be adding character tags as the story progresses.

-Image by Marta Nael

Chapters (4)