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I am not a Dalek

A 21 year old Brit who loves all the stereotypical things like Tea and Doctor Who. I'm original. Definitely.


Before Discord became the Element of Chaos, him and Celestia were very close. A rift forms between the two and the rules become twisted and turned around by Discord’s whim. Is it truly irreparable or must Celestia make the impossible choice between the world and the pony she cares for.

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Cover Art is a screen cap from the episode until I find an artist.

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Soarin' was closer to their father than Wave Chill was, so when he suddenly passes away why does Soarin' go as if nothing has happened? Soarin' promised his dad that he'd become a Wonderbolt and his dad promised that he'd be there to see every show. Now that it's not possible anymore, how will he cope with the academy and can he still achieve his dreams of following his fathers legacy by becoming a Wonderbolt himself?

Sidestory to the Trapped Series- but it can be read alone since it happens beforehand!
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At eight years old, Rainbow Dash was being constantly bullied at flight school. She had picked up the nickname Rainbow Crash, along the way. She finally turns to her mother to seek help and receives advice which she holds with her all through her life. "Don't let them see you cry, put a brave face on and stand up tall, even if you're shaking in your horseshoes."

Side story to Trapped and Free to Fly, but it can be read alone.

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Image is from an episode until I have time to make my own.

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Sequel to Trapped
Rainbow Dash and Soarin' are both out of the hospital and have one month to spare before Soarin' has to return to his duties as a Wonderbolt. Will the traumatic events which occurred not even a week ago come between both ponies and their dreams?

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Again, image from an episode until I have time to create my own!

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Rainbow Dash adores the Wonderbolts, and when they have a show in Ponyville, how can she not buy tickets?
However, something goes wrong, causing Rainbow and a Wonderbolt to be trapped in a terrible situation.

The next story in the series is Free to Fly!

Yes, I used coverart from an episode, simply because it fits the story! :3

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Apple Bloom invites a Pegasus to the club house and Scootaloo begins to feel like she's being replaced by a Pegasus who can actually fly.
Can the Crusaders, with the help of some other ponies, convince Scootaloo that she can't be replaced or will it be too late?

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