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Whenever someone ask me if my glass is half full or half empty, I always tell them "Neither, where the hell is my refill?"

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Last night was open mic night at Sugar Cube Corner. I thought it was for open comedy, not karaoke. However, Pinkie Pie was nice enough to give me five minutes on stage and tell some jokes. Those jokes lead me to be throw to the top of the castle where I currently reside at.

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Nimbus throws his idea of forming a role playing group to Rainbow Dash, but she immediately tells him how stupid his idea. When Nimbus comes back to school the next day, he comes to find out that Rainbow Dash has formed a group of friends to play in her role playing group, claiming that she came up with the idea herself. Furious at his best friend, Nimbus forms a role playing group of his own with some unlikely characters and goes to war with Rainbow Dash. Tides turn when Rainbow Dash announces she's in position of a rare item known as the Rock of Heroes, allowing the player who's holding it to change the rules of the game.

(This is a small fun side story from my larger fanfic : Vulberable . This is an inspiration from South Park: The stick is truth video game, but I don't believe there's much here for it to really be labeled a "Crossover" except for a few references.)

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(Sequel: 09/05/2017 I took it down for the final time a few months ago. I didn't like where it was going and wanted to give it a final rewrite. It will take sometime but please bear with me. )

All he wants to do is go fast, but he's not fast enough. He wants to go far, but it's just out of reach. He wants to live large...well, he's got a poor diet. So, at least he's gradually making progress there.

Nimbus is an orphan born colt who quickly learns the struggles of friendship when he is acquainted with Rainbow Dash. Their adventures, crazy antics, and skylarks make their bound more precious than what others may see.

(Part 1 of 2 )

Cover Art by: http://xerlexer.deviantart.com/

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