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I'm a guy who looses sleep thinking over the situations in my work.... Oh, and I write somewhere inbetween.

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Canterlot guard Gleaming Shield and her best friend Barbara are suddenly caught in various adventures of which they did not want to be a part of. Often being chased down by their enemy Queen Oscura, can they fight her off and do.....oh who am I kidding, this is basically Fionna and Cake, Enjoy this little romp and I transform the arguably best episode of Adventure Time into this multi chapter fic.

Inspired by Adventure Time
Rule 63 in play

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I was sitting at home, relaxing and lounging about, just a normal day for me. It was around then when I heard a knock on my door. Breaking out of the stupor I was in, I decided to open the door. As I opened it, I was not greeted by a pony, but by a slightly oversized box with a note attached. The note is what caught my attention as I read it 'Congratulations! You’ve received your very own changeling slave! She can cook, clean, do yard work, anything you wish! You even get to name her...'

That was when everything changed...

First attempt at a multi-chapter story. Hope it doesn't go terribly.
Will be adding more tags as I go along, so who knows where this will go.
I currently have no cover art, but if anyone is willing to do some, it is appeciated

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The Princess of the Night has always felt neglected and unappreciated. She has always longed for the pony who loves the night just as she does. She waited, until that fateful night, where she met the pony she had always desired to share the night with. Will she finally know of her beautiful night?

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Todd and Anthony are bronies. What happens when one of them reacts to something that really isn't a big deal? Stupidity, that's what! But what happens when you take that stupidity too far?

Don't take this seriously as it was just something fun to do. (But I do think this voices my opinion over bronies overreacting to things recently in MLP (I.E. Twilicorn, Equestria Girls, etc...)
(A one-shot that came form talking with an anon over the internet)

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