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Midnight Song: A Royal Guard on vacation. She was looking forward to a picturesque town with calming beaches, cute little cafes and even cuter ponies~ She wasn’t expecting to be robbed, targeted for death and get caught up in a plan involving some of the worst criminals in Equestria.

But hey, at least that little thief is cute~

Pickett Midnight: Wanted thief, amazing pickpocketer and all-around Best Pony. Well, in her opinion anyway. But when she steals the purse of a seemingly common tourist, her life is turned upside down.. But all's not well in her home. Corruption, deceit and murder is commonplace, even if nopony sees it. She wants to change that and a certain Royal Guard might just be the key she was looking for.

The fact that she’s pretty hot doesn’t hurt either~

Collab work with the amazing Ausbrony! Check him out: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Ausbrony

Check the sequel! Midnight Mares, Crazy Canterlot Catastrophe

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Steven Stone is an adventurer, a researcher, a hero, a scientist, a Pokémon right activist, a millionaire, and overall, a Pokémon lover. He has worked several years to make Earth a better world, to get rid of all the evil and the corruption that has tormented it for years. He has seen the rise of heroes and the fall of villains. And when his world seemed to be changing for the best, he left his title as Hoenn's regional champion, and left to explore the world and solve its mysteries.

Unfortunately, his look of reality was far from true. In the eyes of their own God, humanity was a plague, they had to be judged, and punished for their actions.

Earth was abandoned, and those deemed worthy were transported to a magical planet in a completely different universe, Equus.

Steven now finds himself with his trusty, yet cold and soulless companion; a pony thief in the search for adventure and a tendency to attract problems; a sarcastic, negative, disrespectful and almost-suicidal Sylveon; and far many other unusual characters he'd never thought he'd befriend. He'll travel far and wide in search for answers, as he also tries to convince a stubborn almighty being from changing his mind. Just another Tuesday for the former Champion

(Contains swearing and sex references)

A side story of "A New World, a New Way" by Zeusdemigod131. Look for it if you want to give it a read, it's awesome!

Oh and by the way. English isn't my main language, so if I make any mistakes, or if I could replace some words or phrase to make it look better, then put it on the comments and I´ll see if I can fix it.

Huge thanks to Madacon for the cover pic. He's an amazing artist and such a great guy!

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