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Rails and Dreams - working on the railroad · 7:10am Sep 4th, 2012

I've been working on my self-insert Conversion Bureau story - putting my other projects on hold. This story combines two of my interests - ponies and railroads. It's a slice of life story about Cherry Shine and her obsession with giving Equestria a modern railroad system. I'm about 18,000 words into the story - with I hope - a lot more to go. I don't care if many people read it - I'm writing it to scratch an itch. And, I hope, to increase my skill in writing.

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I don't know. I've got several good characters and interesting background - what I'm lacking is an overall theme or plot to drive the story forward. Up to now, I've done the world building - but where we go from here - my too lazy brain has not shown me. Yet.

Still, I've placed the story on hiatus - hoping that the rest of the story will come to me.

When are you going to resume work on "How I Learned to Teach Newfoals"?

Thanks for favoriting Attack of the Killer Muffins! :derpytongue2:


Hey, thanks for the random fave!

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