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We didn't start the fire.


Just because you're an orphan doesn't mean your holiday season has to suck. Rainbow Dash decides that, this year, it won't for her biggest fan and adoptive little sister, Scootaloo. And she gets their favourite Wonderbolt to help her give the filly the best Hearth's Warming ever.

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Inspired by a nightmare.

Diamond Tiara may be the daughter of one of the richest ponies in Equestria, but her privileged upbringing cannot protect her against her own mental vulnerabilities. Stricken by night terrors, she leaves the comfort of her bed in order to confront her fears and ensure her personal safety.

Edited by SolidFire

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This story is a sequel to I'm sorry, Sis: Scootaloo

Rarity is not having a very good day. First, her sister Sweetie Belle gets involved in a fire at Sweet Apple Acres with the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, spoiling Rarity's plans to spend time with Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Deciding to return Sweetie to their parents, Rarity makes a new plan for the evening.

What Rarity doesn't seem to realize is that she may be letting her anger get the best of her. As she continues to rage and blame Sweetie Belle for everything that goes wrong, the simple truth behind the whole sequence of events continues to elude her, and she is set on course to making a terrible mistake.

(Side story to I'm Sorry, Sis: Scootaloo, which isn't required reading. Edited by TheShadow)

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After a terrible fire nearly claims the lives of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rainbow Dash has to seriously consider what it takes to be a sister when she has to face the prospect of disciplining the newly-adopted Scootaloo.

Nopony ever said that being a good big sister was gonna be easy.

Big props to Isseus and ShootingStar159 for pre-reading and editing.

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YouTube Reading by untamedwaters.

It's not easy being a child living with the knowledge that your mommy is never going to get to watch you grow up. But this was a young Rainbow Dash's reality. Despite her mother's cancer, Dash's family had still been a very happy trio of ponies. But all fairytales must end.

Rainbow Dash's father has come to terms with the approaching departure of the mare whom he called his 'angel'. When the time had finally come for her to say goodbye, would Rainbow Dash be able to accept that her mother will die?

"Mommy's going back to Heaven." It was such a comforting thought to Dash, but she didn't want her mother to go.

(Side-story to What's Really the Most Important, to shed light on what happened to Rainbow's mother. This is technically a prequel, since it takes place a good... 18 years beforehand!

Cover Art originally by TheToughestFighter


http://thetoughestfighter.deviantart.com/ )

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(This iteration of the story has been cancelled. Detailed explanation + silver lining/glimmer of hope here)

Rainbow Dash always had a thing for First Officer Soarin of the Wonderbolts, even without realizing he could be such a sweet pony once she got to know him a little better. However, her affections are already tied up with the newly adopted Scootaloo, who needs guidance and care when a new disorder rears its ugly head. There's not much room in her heart for a stallion, is there?

Unfortunately, her life will get even more complicated as the Mane Six join the Wonderbolts to face a mysterious darkness in the distant land of Saddle Arabia. She must remain strong, because her entire world is about to come crashing around her ears. Is there a light at the end of this tunnel, or will everything she endured simply bring more pain down the road?

(Rated teen for the occasional instances of strong language, suggestive scenes, and scattered ponies drinkin' themselves stupid!

Chapter headers by: SparkBrony

Former editor: ShootingStar159)

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