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Oh! I didn't see you there. Pardon the mess. Make sure you don't step on my brilliance, because I know it's everywhere.


Discord wishes to share the work of his favorite human writer with his new friends. Although, what fun would there be in simply handing over the books? Oh no, he has some more entertaining ideas in mind.
The games will be fun;
he made sure of that.
But can they all handle
the Drak in the Hat?

*Written because I lost a bet*

Chapters (4)

Snips has done well for himself. What started as a simple business has grown into the social hub for the stallions of Ponyville. Every patron has a story to tell, and you never know who (or what) will drop by next.

A collection of short stories set in the future. Exact time is irrelevant, just know that Snips is an adult and his shop is already well established.

Chapters (10)

A mysterious unicorn sets up shop in Ponyville. He claims to be a simple toymaker, but not everything is as it seems. A magical artifact is stolen and only he can hope to recover it. With the help of some reluctant friends he pushes forward to save the world and the young filly that means the world to him.

Chapters (11)
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