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Updates · 11:03pm May 2nd, 2015

hi folks, hope y'all are Enjoying Gone Mustang so far. So far my poor brain will not let me rest , at all, which is unfortunate as some of the current cast cause a bigger headache than an icepick to the skull ta write. Don't worry though I won't leave ya hangin for long and the next chapter is already in the works ^-^ . I still can't believe I only started writing this story four days ago thinking maybe 2 or 3 chapters. I'm just glad that somebodies along for the ride.

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Apologies and thanks. · 12:59pm Apr 29th, 2015

OK First things first, I would like to apologise to everybody who has taken the time and effort to follow me. You're all awesome, I let my illness get in the way of my writing, and leet you all down by leaving stories incomplete. For those who stuck by me through this thanks, yer even MORE awesome if that's possible. You can expect plenty of new content from me in the forseeable future, also expect updates on The Saga of the Caramel Mare, and do not think I'm gonna leave little Screwball or

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Debating. · 9:19am Jun 21st, 2014

Hi everypony, I know it's awhile since my last story but I finally got started on one. The Saga of the Caramel Mare is now up, at least the first 2 chapters are. It's sorta a development on an earlier fic but goes into much more detail, I warn ya though it's not pretty. I'm debating adding another fic too at the same time, just wondering if y'all think I should go for it or not.

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