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When Princess Twilight recruits her human counterpart for an adventure in Equestria, an interloper joins in. Too bad the extra visitor holds a special place in the human Twilight's heart, or some headaches could have been avoided...

A 2nd person oneshot with you in the place of SciTwi
Takes place in the Reverse Gender Role Equestria universe
Warning! LEWD!

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All beings desire to be loved like no other, but what happens when that desire twists and warps your own grip on reality? When you want, but can never have?

(Anon in Equestria)

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In the near future of 2021, Hasbro ended the My Little Pony franchises' fourth generation of cartoons after countless successful seasons and products. To keep the cult following going, they allied themselves with numerous tech firms and created one last line of products that undoubtedly became their biggest hit.

Browser Ponies. Living computers in an eye-catching and cuddly form.

It was the greatest and most controversial technological breakthrough of the century. Stable A.I. with the ability to learn and grow while being pre-packaged with internet capability. In spite of the fearful public and ethical groups crying foul at the thought of living machines, the Browser Pony went on to be the next great game changer in the field of information technology and the ultimate luxury item.

That was years ago. Now in 2025, the living computers are in the mainstream and almost everyone is sure of the lines between A.I. and human. But what happens when those lines begin to blur, and everything once believed true is changed?

A second person story starring you as Anon.

(Tags subject to change. Cast characters will be added to tags when they appear.)

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Everyone has heard the term "Just another face in the crowd", and for you, it's more than true. It's a way of life. But that changed just as all things do. On that fateful day, Frontier Laboratories lost item #0451, and Equestria was given the key to monumental change. You.

"You hold great power, Anonymous. Your words and actions affect everything now. We can only hope that you are merciful."

(Rating subject to change)
(More tags may or may not be added)

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