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Everyone knows that life is full of trials: Love, life, and livelihood. It's just a fact, growing up isn't easy. It can be hard, but you take it in stride and press on.

Barricade should know this better than anyone: Her life is full of little things.

She is not one of them.

OC-centric story.

A collection of "episodes" I will be updating as I write them.

Art created by: Fluffomaru, Barricade created by Me.

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It’s been exactly six months since I last saw you, I was standing there on stage looking at what an amazing young mare you’ve become. And I’d just like to say that I am proud of you.

But that is only part of why you find this letter in your hooves today. Three years is a very long time for anypony, and of course, I’ve spent a good deal of it thinking. Ever since you left I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist, and he has helped me come to terms with what happened that night. But more importantly, where to go from that point in my life.

You hold this letter because I want to tell you...

I'm sorry.

Art drawn by the ever-talented xXciaobella23Xx.

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"Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them."

~Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Lyra has never been one to try and take center stage, but when center stage comes for her and her big dream has a shot at becoming reality. She wouldn't dare let it slip away.

Follow Lyra as she journeys through a year of shenanigans, rediscovers herself, the ponies around her, and what it really means to have a voice.

Important Note

Art owned by the amazingly generous SierraEx! Thanks again!

This story is set in the Universe of OWoC and is a continuation of Finding your Voice.

Reading these two stories is not necessary, but HIGHLY recommended in order for certain behaviors and characters to fully make sense.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony, I write about it.

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Why is Lyra really called "Heartstrings"? Why are she and Bon-bon constantly around each other? Why does Lyra never have anything to say?

What -is- this mare's secret?

Featured on Equestria Daily. Finding your Voice

P.S. This work is an independent fiction, but also is supplemental material for a future chapter of "On Wings of Change"

P.P.S. Art by xXCiaoBella23Xx of Deviantart

P.P.P.S Thank you Beige Monkfish for Proofreading and editing this on such short notice.

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What does it mean to be Normal? According to the dictionary, Normal is conforming to a standard; the usual, typical, or expected. It's almost scary really. That such a simple word can define the lives of so many. Day in and day out we toil in the machinations of society in an effort to maintain the status quo handed down from the generation that preceded us, all in the name of this Normal. What price would you pay for your Normal? Would you give up all your bits? Your home? Your friends? What if I told you that the 'Normal' you ponies cherish so much came at the cost of everything I hold dear?

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I am not Normal...'

Many thanks to my illustrious Co-author: Dagger Tongue.

Additional Thanks to my fantastic and amazing editors:
Comrade Sparkle
Hyzaku, Gwenio, Beige Monkfish.

Incredible gratitude to Bristlebrushes, consultant to the story and fixer of all things writers block, seriously, shes like superwoman.

Cover art by the incredibly amazing xXCiaoBella23Xx on DeviantArt! Without whom the cover art would be forever bland!

Chapters (6)
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