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The Peculiar Question of Rewriting · 3:45am Oct 31st, 2018

I don't think there's anybody here, but I've something to say anyway.

I have a handful of ideas for stories, but there's one that's been on my mind the most. I'd really like to see it come into existence. It's got some wonderful scenes, but somehow I have to turn it into a full story if I ever want others to see it Apparently, I write in vignettes. I can make good scenes, but I can't seem to put together a full story. Nevertheless, I keep plugging away, writing when I have an idea.

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So Slooow · 4:59am Mar 26th, 2018

So, I had some time and got a chance to do a little writing. I plugged doggedly away for at least two hours, probably more. I was a little worried that I was dwelling too long on non-critical details and needed to move the story along. Net result? One thousand words and change. WHAT? All that effort, and that's all that comes out? Cripes. Either I'm horribly slow, or I set my expectations way to high. Either way, finishing this story will be one heck of a slog. How fast do others write?

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Movie Trailer → Stoked! · 4:12am Jun 29th, 2017

Ha ha! I love it! OK, so not a big fan of bubble cheeks, but I DON'T CARE! Falling Pinkie starts loving it? That's my girl. "Visual confirmed. Go for clean up." ROTFLMFO! :rainbowlaugh: :yay:

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Avatar Fail · 5:38am Jun 27th, 2017

Nooooo! I go and redraw my avatar to be awesome and round (and I spent FOUR HOURS on that, by the way), and now round avatars are out of style and passé! :raritycry:

Fine. :twilightangry2: Next update, I'll be hanging out in the round window of the Golden Oak Library.

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New Avatar! · 7:26am Jun 10th, 2017

I decided it was time to be creative! Et voila! Spiffy custom circular avatar!
And this time I got the horn color right. :twilightsheepish:

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Bwa Ha Ha! · 5:17am Jun 6th, 2017

The emotes I’ve had in my description finally work after the new update! Down with the neighsayers! It was all worth it; I regret nothing!

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Fractured Sunlight · 5:19am Feb 16th, 2016

Fractured Sunlight - Very Good. Go read it.

It's a bit hard to say. It's one of those stories where I'm not completely sure I should like it, but I still do. I think it's because it takes a 'ship I find questionable and makes it meaningful. So, yeah, thumbs up and follow.

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Phoebe and Her Unicorn · 8:21am Feb 14th, 2016

So Dana Simpson (aka D.C. Simpson of "Ozzie and Millie" fame) is now writing a comic strip called "Phoebe and her Unicorn". She released two books and do you know who wrote the introduction for the first book? Peter S. Beagle! And do you know who wrote the introduction for the second book? Lauren Faust! How freaking awesome is that?!

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Re Quiet Boy and Moon Horse · 3:25am Feb 4th, 2016

Quiet Boy and Moon Horse is a recent short story by horizon. It addresses the topic of how real and important our imaginary friends can be.

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Creativity · 6:47am Dec 24th, 2015

I consider myself to be a "creative", but I put most of my blood, sweat, and tears into creative projects for my day job that will probably never impact anyone. I would like to make some contribution that others will get some enjoyment from, as fluffy and frivolous as it may be, as tiny as the audience may be, but I'm missing certain skills and I don't really have the time or creative energy to perform the exercises necessary to acquire them. I want to come out and play but the five minutes

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