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Lamarr. An innocent little headcrab. Living with a scientist that liked having her around. So he removed her beak, so she could do her thing ll day long, and nobody would get hurt. But then she goes for Freeman, right as the big teleporter powers up. Freeman we know where he went, but what of Lamarr? Maybe she ended up in a desert wasteland, or maybe in a magical place?

Headcrabs and all things Half-Life copyright Valve
MLP and all characters from it copyright Hasbro.
Coverart created by Sandwich-Anomoly formerly known as The Chaos Theory

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I was out on a typical camping trip with my brother Evan. Tents were set up, the sun had set, and all was fine and dandy. But the next morning started off so weird. I had paws, my brother was gone, and some big bug got in my face! Add the salt of my stuff all being stolen, and you can tell it was going to be a weird day indeed, or days.

Cancelled. But if anyone wants to take the idea and run with it, my only condition is you send me a link to it.

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