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in search of help to find a writer: update · 4:27am Mar 14th, 2015

I finally found it I have found a family of two it only took me two years :twilightsheepish: mostly I did not look hard enough

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Thanks for the double cheese burger of favorites with Standing Untied and Romancing the (Martial) Artist!

Thank you for adding my little DB story to your favorites. I hope you'll continue to enjoy Dragon Wish. :rainbowkiss:

Thank you for favoriting Unearthed: Curse Of The Undying.

Thank you so much for adding The New Guard to your garrison! May Jupiter watch over your steps, the sun of Celestia guide your path, and the moon of Luna comfort you in the darkest of nights. :trollestia:

Thank you for having added Welcome Home Soldier to your favorites. I'm really grateful for that, hope you continue to enjoy it sugarcube. :ajsmug: :eeyup:

  • Viewing 120 - 124 of 124
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