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Spike thinks he has a pretty good life.

He has amazing friends, a brand new castle to live in, and the most amazing big sister anyone could ever ask for.

Spike thinks he couldn't, nor shouldn't, ask for any more.

.....So why does this weird... lady say he has nothing? And for that matter, why can no one else see her besides Spike?

Oh come on! She's just joking around! She must be lying... she has to be...

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Currently indefinite hiatus... gotta figure some stuff out for this fic...

Peace. Stability. Freedom. These are what everypony has and cherishes in the mighty kingdom of Equestria. The land is abundantly rich, the citizens for the most part are happy and kind, and the rulers are ever-loving and merciful. Equestria is near paradise realized.

But like a thief in the night, change is coming and none will be spared from its' unbiased wrath. For on the western edge of the land, an enemy from a time long past will return.

In the gathering dark, He will rise.

Cover art was created by impala99 on Deviantart.

Chapters (1)
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