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Things are happening and you should watch! · 10:12pm Jul 4th, 2016

Minna-san, let's point and laugh as Cerulean Voice fails miserably at technology. He's playing Undertale, which is a thing, I think. Here's the stream: Something Somewhat Interesting.

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I liked 'Reaper Mare'. So good job. Im going to read more of your work.

Your welcome I love the idea of someponies helping Luna feel better about things after the Nightmare Moon thing. And I really like the idea that she met somepony well before Nightmare Night...my only thought is if she can cope with her possibly not with her that night. At least that's my train of thought not sure where ypur story will go maybe I just helped you with some ideas.

Then, you shan't wait long.
May words come ever more, for we will stay, and stay by them ever so:twilightsmile:
In virtue as white and as black as that but darkness, patience shall come, and of that which it bears, shall stay.

The Great and Clever Novus Draconis bids you greetings and welcomes you to his humble domain and states he only wishes to see what thoughts lie on this clever and interesting creature's mind.

Um, thank you very much for you decision to follow us. You may find our comments on new stories:raritywink:

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I don't know what I like but I like wat I seez

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