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On hold. · 1:31am Sep 4th, 2013

As the title says.
My first fic yet to put on here, "Why me?" is on hold as of right now. I started it a few weeks ago, but with school and drama, cant get any of it done.
But i will start it up again this coming weekend, couldn't get any of it done the previous 4 day weekend because i was gone the entire time.
But yes i will start again this coming weekend.

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Fan favorite Pony · 2:12pm Sep 1st, 2013

so the Hub created a poll.
It went on for a like a month and they announced the winner.
It was fluttershy of all ponies.
The shy Pegasus won...

In other news there also showing EQG as well. Two times. in a row.
thats all.

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Hello everybody/ possible story coming? · 11:59pm Aug 19th, 2013

Hello! this is my first blog post as you can see.
Bean here since march and bean debating on a writing a story for while.
Have bean writing off here and just got done with the prologue.(Writers Block)
Having a friend check it now!
Maybe ill post but don't know yet.
Some may hate it, some may not.
Just saying this. Could be halo.
Don't like it? well to bad lol.
Stay Tuned!

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