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Age: doesn't matter. Location: doesn't matter. Story preference: mostly romance, some sad/tragedy, dark only when well done. Need a proofreader? PM me. A Faithful Proofreader, CanoLathra


Reports of my death have been exaggerated · 10:48am Apr 1st, 2014

First off, I am SO SORRY for dissapearing on everyone, especially Blade Star, but my computer and my internet are both conspiring against me. These past five weeks have been TORTURE!!!!! and i am glad to say that, for the time being, all problems have been fixed. I hope to get back in the swing of things soon.

Your Faithful Proofreader,

[NOTE: Despite the date of this post, everything I have stated here is true.]

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My apparent disappearance · 7:11am Jul 15th, 2013

Just thought you all should know that I'll be gone for about a month. I will be back, and ready to get to work on proofreading, about middle of August.

Your faithful proofreader,

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New Story? · 3:10pm Jul 2nd, 2013

Ok, so all (0) of you who follow me know that I'm a proofreader, along with everyone who has sent me stories. That said, inspiration has bitten me, and I thought I might get a feel for what current opinion is.

Would anyone reading this also read a crossover between mlp and the stargate franchise? Unlike the other stargate: equestria fics here this would be a new storyline instead of sg1 or universe. Would involve lots of sci-fi and theoretical stuff and a new view on headcannon itself.

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Don't Panic · 7:04pm Jun 9th, 2013

So, I'm going to be gone for this next week, and I don't want anyone thinking I'd fallen of the face off the face of the earth. I will also be unable to respond to email. I will return this Saturday.
A faithful proofreader,

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