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After botching a spell, local Ponyville librarian Twilight Sparkle accidentally opens up a rift in time and space right above her house. It goes unnoticed to most ponies, but the members of Torchwood are not normal ponies.

Her first encounter with aliens brings her to Jack who reluctantly let's her join Torchwood.

But all the glamor and adventure she had imagined may not be worth the price...

(This story started as a joke between my friend and I about how everyone was gay for Spitfire, and everyone was also gay for Captain Jack, and how a Cpt. Jack/Spitfire ship would be the gayest straight ship ever. But it ended up being more than that. I hope you enjoy it!)

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Author Tempus is what you might call a reaper. He finds ponies who are bad, hunts them down, tracks their lives and kills them. He then uses their hide to write their biography, which he sends to a mysterious "editor" which all the other reapers send theirs to.
He only does it to bad ponies though. That's just his job.
But sometimes all the power and responsibility can go to your head...

Meanwhile, other reapers do their jobs, and Twilight and Fluttershy investigate recent killings. (Seeing as Pinkamena killed Rainbow Dash and herself, Rarity is a sadistic whore, and Applejack refuses to leave the barn, they are the only two able to investigate.)

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One day, while baking, Pinkie receives a strange vision that warns her of the impending doom of Equestria. Cities will burn, mountains will crumble, Fluttershys will become trees!

It will be madness is what I'm trying to get at here.

But the vision also tells her the way to prevent this: Pinkie must bake the Ultimate Sacred Cake of Epic Partyness and Funness using ingredients that she must find scattered about Equestria.

Will she be able to find the ingredients in time, or will Equestria fall?

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This one is a story that I've wanted to do ever since I saw the episode "Cutie Mark Chronicles." Than I saw that I wasn't the only one with the idea. But, I decided to do this one anyway.

Everyone knows that Rainbow Dash was the reason the mane six got their cutie marks. Or is it? When Rainbow decides against a race against Fluttershy's bullies, everything you thought you knew about Equestria is thrown out the window.

By the way, it would be really awesome if ponies started doing fanart of how they interpret these alternate ponies. If you've done any, send them to me at a.tempus [at] derpymail.org

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"Hello, Author Tempus again. This one is a work of fiction. It's based on a dream that I had that I was a human. I mean, could you imagine? ME, a HUMAN? Those only exist in those stories for little girls that... Uh... I never read. Yeah. Because they're for little girls and such. Ahem."

Author Tempus has lived an average life, for the most part. Although one morning when he wakes up at exactly 9, he finds that he's not a pony. Although, that's normal for a human, right? He passes his pony self off as a strange dream. But his pony self can say the same for the human form. Something obviously isn't right. Can Author stop this force and prevent the destruction of both Equestria AND Earth?

(Rated Teen because it has mild swearing.)

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Hello, my name is Author Tempus. I am here to recount a terrifying tale that happened right here in Ponyville. I, of course, am the one who saves everypony.

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