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Persona 6 Reflect Update · 9:39am Jan 23rd, 2018

I wish to show that I am serious about writing this ambitious story, and I will see it through to the end. So I've come with a progress update.

Firstly, I have finalized all the Confidants and who is in the party. They are as follows:

Twilight Sparkle: The Fool
Facet Orichalcum: The Magician
Sunset Shimmer: The Priestess
Pinkie Pie: The Lovers
Rainbow Dash: The Chariot
Applejack: Justice
Fluttershy: The Hermit
Rarity: The Star

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2018 Announcement · 10:55pm Jan 17th, 2018

Recently I picked up Persona 5 and am currently on my third playthrough. And having been reading Persona EG by MythrilMoth, I've decided to write my own MLP/Persona fic. Concurrently Sapphire Valley is working on one of her own.

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Patreon · 6:03am Nov 12th, 2016

Well. I've finally done it. I've started a Patreon account to make things easier on myself where making content is concerned. If you wish to support it, here's a link right here. Step right up! Don't be shy! Show me love, my dear fans! There's rewards to gain for your patronage.

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Casting Call · 6:49am Nov 2nd, 2016

So Triforce of Doom is working on a fandub of I Have Vacation Days, but is having trouble finding VAs. If any of you, my followers, and I know many of you are fans of this fic, are interested in voicing a character, then send Triforce a PM. I myself am involved in the project as Facet's voice, so if you want to work with me on something, here's your chance.

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Apologies · 4:24am Feb 23rd, 2016

As I'm sure you'll have noticed, IHVD has been placed on hiatus. This is due to my cowriter being unable to work on it for the foreseeable future. Rest assured, we will get back to it. In the meantime, I have solo projects that I'll be working on.

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A Treatise on the Finer Points of Dragon Anatomy · 3:52pm Jan 13th, 2016

By: Jsyrin the Lorist

Dragon Anatomy is, as a whole, rather interesting. To organize things better, this treatise shall examine dragon anatomy from the outside in, from tip to tail, left to right. While there will be some exceptions, the entire work shall follow this method.

The Head

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Dragon Courtship and Mating · 12:05am Nov 25th, 2015


Dragon Courtship involves six stages:

Stage 1: The Dance

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#FebFIMFanFicLove How I Became a Brony · 11:53am Feb 4th, 2015

My brony origin story. Not something I usually mention. I first heard about the show from a Skype friend who compared a character in her fic to Pinkie Pie. Since I didn't know who Pinkie was at the time, I ignored the comparison. But I'm a very curious person, and despite telling myself that I'd never be interested in ponies even after watching the Starscream vs. Rainbow Dash episode of Death Battle, and being impressed at Wiz and Boomstick using logic to prove that Dash really could fuck

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Interesting Questionaire · 4:33am Apr 21st, 2014

Saw these in another guy's blog post and thought I'd give my own answers to them.

1. How old are Celestia and Luna?
I'd estimate that Celestia and Luna are at least several thousand years old.

2. How old is Cadance?
Likely of similar age to Shining Armor. Her mane and tail lack the flowing, ethereal nature of the Regal Sisters. Thus she is likely still coming into her power.

3. Were Celestia and Luna always alicorns, or did they ascend?

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Big project · 6:37am Aug 12th, 2013

As will be noticed by my readers and followers, all of my stories have been placed on hiatus. This is because I'm going to be devoting my attention to a decidedly ambitious project. Inspired by the Justice League of Equestria series, I am going to craft an Equestrian equivalent to the Avengers. More specifically, I am ponifying the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is my hope that my coming work will be as well received as Justice League of Equestria.

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