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Co-Writers and Editors Wanted. · 3:58am Nov 10th, 2013

So, with the Recasted Audio Drama coming up and a whole bunch of other projects I'm working on, I've realized I'm going to need some help with my Fanfics. I'm going to want some helpers in writing future chapters of the fic and get things expedited, mostly because I hit a huge block for both stories that I can't get past. For both Recasted and Making the Sun Shine.

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Casting Call · 3:55am Aug 25th, 2013


What story do you want to see next? · 7:09pm Aug 9th, 2013

You have three options:

A. Recasted Chapter focusing on Jinx and Shenanigans

B. Recasted chapter developing Snicker, Kindle, and Spark.

C. New Chapter of "Making the Sun Shine"

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So... this blog thing... · 2:30pm Mar 31st, 2013

Ummm.... am I doing this right? I mean, I'm not too good at this blog thing, that's why I have others do it for me. Soo... I guess what I do here is let people in on progress on my stories...

Recasted is well under way, I'm just a very slow writer who constantly second guesses himself on what's the right thing to say and how to say it. I'm having a bit of a Chekov's Gun moment that I'm trying to fix.... and I have a bazillion other projects to work on.

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