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What I've been up to. · 7:03am Jul 9th, 2015

So I've been rather busy as of late, besides updating my story, creating new stories, and all that jazz. I have also been doing things on Youtube, because yeah... so if you want to check it out you can go to this link here. it's mostly pony related at the moment and my earlier work is... eeeeh? But you know first time I've been doing such things and what not, and improvement always takes time when you're new at something.

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Things I've come to realize about my story Becoming Human. · 8:28am May 11th, 2014

Ok... first thing I began to realize... giving myself a time limit is a bad idea... a very very bad idea. I will explain why it is and was a bad idea, especially for one such as me. So uh lets look at the first reason... my stories start coming out rushed, I don't have time to think of matters and many people are left either confused or wondering "what the heck..." Why do I say this? Well I was trying to work out the newest chapter which has been put on brief hiatus. During this time I don't

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Concerning my brief absence · 8:58am Jun 27th, 2013

Ok so where to begin... I had when I began to write all of this, intended to write one chapter ever week and post it on here. That was my goal, and I was doing so well. So what happened? Well some could say writers block, because yes that certainly did come, and then you had my school. When I began the chapter of Discord, I had all these ideas, the problem was how to make it 1000 words, further than that, how to make it more than 2000 words which is what I always try to aim towards with my

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Plans and ideas for Future and a little personal information. · 10:22am Apr 1st, 2013

So I thought I'd write this blog to tell people whats up, and what exactly some of my ideas and plans are for the story becoming human, and of course any upcoming stories. Now the first thing I realize is that not a lot of people are for the human mlp genre as it were. To be honest, and maybe I'm just bias, but most human stories I find are "Humans sent to Equestria" some way shape or form... That doesn't interest me, I was actually quite surprised no one has tried what I'm currently doing, and

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MLP and Destiny · 3:28am Mar 17th, 2013

Ok so I feel this had to be said and everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but with such gripe I felt I should step in and say something myself. So I've been watching a lot of reviewers on the Magical Mystery Cure, and some like the idea of destiny, and others don't because they believe it takes away free will. Now if we look at where this all takes place is quite obviously during the song "What my Cutie Mark is telling me" which has the line "It's got to be my destiny, for it's what

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