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Two old 'friends' that once shared a flame have a chance encounter at a local cafe in Canterlot city...

The story takes place in an alternate Equestria in which their time line is even more closely tied to the likes of Earth. That would place these events well before the elements of harmony and just prior to Word War II, circa 1937.

Please enjoy this simple tale, it is a one shot. The author does not own or wish to own an account on fimfic, so his brother is posting it here at his request by the collabist's group.

The artist is str8g8 from the UK.

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Rainbow Dash has pulled off a Double Sonic Rainboom and by Celestia was it glorious! However, where do all the ponies without homes go now? A few got destroyed after all. Well...for Carrot Top, Snowflake (better known as Roidrage), Miss Hooves, her daughter Dinky, Octavia, Berry Punch, her sister Pina Colada, Minuette 'Colgate' and Vinyl Scratch...they find shelter in a volunteered communal home whilst the town and their respective houses are repaired.

It shouldn't be too long of a wait thanks to the industrious and hard working nature of Ponyville's finest crafts-ponies, right?

Surely the temporarily cramped conditions will go by in a flash...a harmless, uneventful, flash.

Hello eeeeverypony! I'd like to thank all the awesome bros that helped with this collab, MrPockets as a writer and editor and MerlosTheMad as a writer and then MrPockets AGAIN for making that awesome covert! Wowie! Anywho, please enjoy!

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The creak of metal echoed as a hellish choir in the room. Lyra sobbed, clutching the little communication device to her barrel, as though it were her life itself. "Please..." She whispered. "Anypony, I think-I think it's getting closer." ...A sickly, raspy breathing crested the doorway on the other side of her hiding spot. "Help..."


There is an organization which protects mankind, but remains shrouded entirely in secrecy. It is known as 'The Foundation'. They are unscrupulous and methodical, sacrificing as many lives as need be for the greater good. It can't be helped, the supernatural and meta-physical will always be a threat to humanity.

But not all of their specimen and objects are dangerous. They are varied, some help, some kill. Some are delicious. Some, are deadly.

And some are...well... Cute

Hello everypoooony! I'd like to thank all the awesome bros that helped with this collab, MrPockets as a writer and editor! MerlosTheMad as a writer! And finally Flying Wingnut as our last collaborator and chief editor. Hope you enjoy the beginning of our haunting tale... *ENGAGE SINISTER LAUGHTER*

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