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This day was going to be perfect: Twillight and her boyfriend Trixie are about to be married, but then the evil alien overlord Princess Mama Mia Morte Cadenca and her minions attack. It’s up to Twillight and her friends to prevent not only Ponyland and the New Lulamoon Empire but the whole Ponyland planet from annihilation and avenge Twillight’s brother who was killed by Cadenca.

Also… THE BEST OC EVER IS BACK IN ACTION and this time he’s at least 200% cooler. After the betrayls in the last story ADMIRAL Awesome Yonasomun Armageddon became an Anti-Hero. Not only wears he black stuff now, he also acts less heroic. So be prepared for some great character development and Fishing Moves ala Mortal Kombat.

And Fluttershy is still worst pony!

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The HLF thinks that we are mindless creatures that lost our humanity and only deserve a swift death. In the eyes of the PER we are liberated souls, freed of our corrupted human bodies and thoughts. Neither of these views is really appealing to me.

My name Is Flashlight and I’m a Newfoal.

Most people assume that one sip from the magical ponifcation brew turns you into a complete new begin without a past and full of happiness. These people are wrong.

I’m Flashlight and this is my story.

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Rainbow Dash, thought that the Shadowbolts were just a trick from Nightmare Moon, nothing more than an illusion. She was wrong! The Shadowbolts exist and they haven’t forgotten their last encounter with the rainbow-haired Pegasus.

A few years after Rainbow Dash finally joined the Wonderbolts a tragic accident happens and Dash makes a horrible mistake. A mistake that unleashes the Shadowbolts once more. Now the Wonderbolts have to face a deadly enemy.

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(Author's note: This Fic is a parody. Therefore it’s full of grammar errors, plot holes and bland characters. The sole purpose of this story is to give at least some people a good laugh. Every comment from the “author” inside the story should be taken with a grain of salt. And I don’t hate Fluttershy.)

Twillight Sparkle and her five friends (even Fluttershy who's worst pony) must to stop Celesia, the evil queen of Ponyland before she can do more evil stuff. Luckily Doctor Whoovas is on their side as well as THE BEST OC EVER. Did I already mention that Fluttershy is worst pony?

(This is a 101% serious story and everybody who's laughing about this masterpiece of fan work is as bad as Fluttershy.)

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